ShouldWeGo is a choose-your-own-adventure book custom built by you, each and every time you read!  Choose WHERE you go, WHEN you go, WHO goes along and HOW you get there!  You can even choose what clothes to wear!

Produced strictly from concepts provided directly by kids, ShouldWeGo offers the reader endless combinations of stories through various choices...

Choose from the following destinations:

  1. *BEACH *

  2. *ZOO *

  3. *FARM *

  4. *MOON *

  1. *HAUNTED HOUSE * included for the spooky Halloween season!

Our seasonal destination (Haunted House) will change every season.  For example, watch for our North Pole (and other new) destinations in the coming months!

Travel in any of the following:

  1. *CAR *

  2. *TRAIN *

  3. *PLANE *


Travel during the:

  1. *DAY *

  2. *NIGHT *

You can also hand-pick * WHO * comes on the adventure with you.  Select Mom and Dad, brothers and sisters.  You can even hand-pick what * CLOTHES * to wear!


ShouldWeGo provides endless opportunities to create new and exciting stories time and time again.

The interface is extremely easy to use - as young as 2-year olds can successfully navigate the book start to finish.  Just tap, tap, tap and enjoy.

ShouldWeGo is designed to work on any generation of iPhone (including 4) and the iPad as well.  We hope you enjoy this universal application as much as our focus groups have!

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