SayAmen creates an environment where everyone has a prayer that counts.  SayAmen gives all users an opportunity to have their voice heard, together.  Anytime you touch the Amen button, your prayer will be counted with your verse.  SayAmen on a walk, in a meeting, before bed, anytime, and know that your prayer counts.

  1. SayAmen to the verses provided each day

  2. SayAmen to those in the constantly changing Top 10 list

  3. SayAmen to one of your own Favorites whenever you like

  4. SayAmen with anyone - Share your verses and ask others to SayAmen with you

Key Features:

  1. Today:   Tapping the Today button will randomly generate verses for you.

  1. Amen:   Touch the Amen button anytime you want to SayAmen.

  1. Top 10:  At any time, you can query the Top 10 verses from all users.  When you look at any specific verse, it will show it’s rank in the Top 10 and the total number of Amen’s received.  Do you have one that you think should be in the Top 10?

  1. Favorites:  See a favorite?  Touch the Save button to save this specific verse to your favorites.

  1. Total:    Anytime you SayAmen, you’ll have the option to see how many Amens have been received for your verse in total.

  1. Share:  Ask others to SayAmen with you - send them an email containing whatever verse you choose.

  1. Add to Favorites:   Add any verse to your own Favorites.