MathMazes is a new, interactive and entertaining way for kids to learn to embrace Math, Sports, Problem Solving, Directional Hand-Eye Coordination...all through endless entertainment of navigating 50 different puzzling mazes across 5 different sports.

MathMazes presents your child with varying mazes across: Basketball, Baseball, Football, Soccer and Tennis.

Completing each maze will score you the proper number of points for that sport.  For example, if you complete a basketball maze, your score might increase by 2 points.

Your goal is to win each game by scoring more points than your opponent, Makemi Software.

But don’t be tricked, MathMazes isn’t just mindless manipulation through a maze!

First, you must answer the math problem presented to you within each sport.  This will require conversations and discussions with you and your child about the rules of each game.  In addition, this will also require your child to use ADDITION, SUBTRACTION, MULTIPLICATION and DIVISION to answer each question correctly.

Once you’ve passed the math quiz, it’s on to your mazes.  Good luck!  But remember, Makemi Software has a whistle.  If you make a wrong turn, the whistle will blow.  If you get three whistles, you’re out!

Good Luck.  We hope you enjoy MathMazes.